Kirsty Liljegren


Kirsty Liljegren is an experienced Early Learning Consultant and Educator with 30 years industry experience in the Early Years Education Sector. Having worked as a Teacher and an Early Learning Director, Kirsty is now focused on her consulting work, delivering professional development and pedagogical guidance to education groups around the world – inspiring others to reflect on their teaching practice and deepen their quest to be better educators.

Her work includes curriculum development, conferences, keynote presentations and delivering workshops on best practice early childhood education in an effort to answer the question “how do we as educators enable children to flourish”?

In addition to her years of experience as a leader and education practitioner, Kirsty draws on her extensive research in the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Nature Pedagogy. Kirsty is a longstanding committee member of the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange and has undertaken 3 study tours to Reggio Emilia. In addition to this, Kirsty has visited the Forest Schools in Denmark and the Nature Kindergartens in Scotland and most recently attended the symposium at Opal School, Portland, USA.

Her style is collaborative, consultative and very much about listening to the unique challenges of each situation in order to co-construct an educational program that works for her clients. Kirsty is truly committed to what she does and feels extremely fortunate to be working in this exciting and seminal area of education.