Making Connections – Creating a Learning Culture of Playful Engagement; From Listening to Inquiry

The conference will culminate in some deep thinking about designing challenging learning contexts in response to reciprocal relationships. This transformational process for practice of awareness amongst educators, goes beyond the ‘delivery’ of curriculum, to a journey of learning to listen, interpret and inform a responsive curriculum.

The pedagogy of listening to children is a process of listening with all of our senses while tuned into the richness and complexities of play, of children’s theories about the world around them. Vea Vecchi (2010) refers to the careful, respectful and tender ‘listening’ to children’s strategies and ways of thinking.

There will be a focus on how to utilise documentation as a tool to enlighten an understanding of the learning processes of children, and how this can inform an engaging curriculum.

Closing Keynote
Location: Date: Time: - Kirsty Liljegren