Dave Allen and Vigneshwari Nallasamy

Dr. Allen has been an educator for over twenty years with a large focus of his work in early childhood special education. Prior to receiving his doctorate, he taught in a variety of early childhood, elementary and secondary settings working with students with disabilities. He also served as an Assistant Professor teaching graduate level coursework in early childhood and early childhood special education. Most recently, he served as an elementary school administrator in the United States and now at AISC.

Vigneshwari Nallasamy aka Vigna is the Special Projects Teacher for Early Years at the American International School Chennai in India. She has a Masters degree in English and a diploma in Montessori Teaching Methodology. She also has taken courses on Loose Parts and Play with Loose Parts. Vigna has eighteen years of experience in teaching out of which more than ten years working with children in early years. She is extremely passionate about play as she sees play being the essence of childhood. In her free time, she likes to spend time grooming and taking care of her furry babies.

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